Summit Prep School

Summit Prep School

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Phone Number+91 99808 22322


Summit Prep School ,No 35, 6th cross, Kariyanpalya Extn, Kodanda Rama Layout, HBR 1ST Block, Bangalore - 560 084


Age Group2 years to 6 years

Fee Structureon request


  • Preschool


he core philosophy at Summit is inspired by the Montessori Method integrated with the best practices from well researched studies and theories of early childhood. Thus, Summit approaches early education of the modern child in the age group of 2 to 5 believing they are young explorers, curious investigators and eager discoverers. Our learning environment is conducive to all these needs.

Traditional methods view young children as blank slates waiting to be imposed with instructions. These theories viewed children not as individuals in their own right with their own and unique personalities. At Summit, there is a conscious effort to break away from this thought process. At Summit, your child will understand more about themselves and the world around them. They will learn key skills and communicate effectively to express themselves in the way that best suits their uniqueness. At Summit, teachers, parents and children work together to create socially adept, linguistically effective and academically smart little individuals, thereby giving them the best foundation for further education.

Our syllabus is designed with the following key facts in mind:

• Brain development is most rapid in early years
• 75% of neural connectivity is complete by the age of 7
• When quality of stimulation is deficient child development is seriously affected.

We understand that early years is a unique stage of phenomenal capability to learn and understand. The capacity to absorb concepts is the highest during this phase. Hence, we strive to expose our students to a structured environment which provides adequate and appropriate stimuli for learning


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September 27, 2017

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