Contact PersonMrs Lalpi Ghosh

Phone Number+919980545600


# 1790, 1st Stage, 5th Block, 15th Main, Near to KEB Office, HBR Layout, Bangalore - 560043


Age Group2 years to 6 years

Fee Structureon request


  • Preschool


Founded in 2004, Kindle KareTM is one of the leading preschool and childcare providers. Passionately committed to cater to the child’s unique needs, Kindle KareTM curriculum focuses on the child as a “SELF LEARNER”. Kindle KareTM, besides striving for excellence in the field of Learning, lays emphasis on “KINDLE LEARN” method to provide firsthand experience for all round development.

The child’s motto Let me do it MYSELF is purely nurtured here. Kindle KareTM facilitates unfolding the latent talents and exploring the unique personality of each child by providing age appropriate Kindle learning activities for physical first hand exploration designed to create an optimum learning environment.

More than 14 long years of experience in kindling excellence and catering to the needs of Preschoolers with LOVE and PASSION has made Kindle KareTM the most Trusted Preschool in the neighbourhood


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October 4, 2017

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